Discover The Balance Of Behavior And Wellness

Concierge Health By TeleBehavioral Specialists


Vitrual Behavioral Care

  • Psychiatry, Therapy, Neurology
  • Therapy Sessions Begin At $95
  • Appointments On Demand  
  • Just in case: 24/7 crisis management

Validate Your Needs and Concerns

  • Diverse Professional Staff
  • Provider Access Anytime, Anywhere  
  • Private and Secure
  • Specialty co-management

Experience Combined Benefits

  • HIPPA Compliant Virtual Care 
  • Coexisting Conditions Management
  • Simple Direct Pay   
  • Clinician-owned and Driven




Step 1

Register With Our Secure Portal

1.   Register 

2.  Receive email confirmation

3.  Login to secure portal

4.  Complete intake form

Step 2

Complimentary Intake Process

1.  Complete intake forms

2. We will contact you in 24 hours

Step 3

Schedule An Appointment

1.   Accept Policies & enter Credit Card

2.  Select your provider and time

3.  Begin private and secure session